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September 2021

Transformational ecology and climate change Ecosystem transformation is emerging as a global threat under climate change (1–3). Conversion of conifer forest to shrubland, steppe, and other ecosystems is underway from Mexico to Alaska (1, 3). Shrub steppe and chaparral are giving  Continue reading »

August 2021

Control methane to slow global warming — fast Carbon dioxide reductions are key, but the IPCC’s latest report highlights the benefits of making cuts to other greenhouse gases, too. There’s no substitute for eliminating fossil fuels and halting the release  Continue reading »

July 2021

Biodiversity needs every tool in the box: use OECMs Global support is growing for the 30 × 30 movement — a goal to conserve 30% of the planet by 2030. In May, the G7 group of wealthy nations endorsed the commitment to  Continue reading »

June 2021

Wind turbine giant Siemens Gamesa lays out plan to drive down cost of ‘green’ hydrogen So-called “green” hydrogen production using onshore wind turbines could achieve price parity with fossil-based hydrogen by the year 2030, according to a white paper from Siemens  Continue reading »

May 2021

Net-Zero Emissions by 2050 Are Possible, Landmark Report Says Many energy experts and climate scientists question whether it is feasible to limit global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius by century’s end. Today, the world’s preeminent energy institution offered a  Continue reading »

April 2021

The future costs of methane emissions An analysis of the costs of climate change caused by adding one tonne of methane to the atmosphere finds that high-income regions of the world should spend much more on efforts to lower such  Continue reading »

March 2021

What Is Wall Street’s Role in Climate? America’s biggest banks are in a jam. Under pressure from environmentalists, they’ve vowed to throw their weight behind the transition to a low-carbon economy by achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. But standing in  Continue reading »

February 2021

Country-level conditions like prosperity, democracy, and regulatory culture predict individual climate change belief Decades after the scientific community agreed on the existence of human-made climate change, substantial parts of the world’s population remain unaware or unconvinced that human activity is  Continue reading »

December 2020

2020 Is a Record Year for Disaster Shelters, Red Cross Says The combination of hurricanes, wildfires, and the pandemic meant the organization provided four times as much assistance as in an average year. The American Red Cross has provided record  Continue reading »

November 2020

In 2020, Record-Breaking Hurricanes Arrived Early—and Often The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season has truly been one for the record books. With 28 named storms, it is currently tied with 2005 for the most storms in a single season. (Named storms  Continue reading »