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December 2020

2020 Is a Record Year for Disaster Shelters, Red Cross Says The combination of hurricanes, wildfires, and the pandemic meant the organization provided four times as much assistance as in an average year. The American Red Cross has provided record  Continue reading »

November 2020

In 2020, Record-Breaking Hurricanes Arrived Early—and Often The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season has truly been one for the record books. With 28 named storms, it is currently tied with 2005 for the most storms in a single season. (Named storms  Continue reading »

October 2020

Climate Change May Cause More Storms to Rapidly Intensify, As Delta Did Hurricane Delta is currently churning toward the Gulf Coast, expected to make landfall in Louisiana later today. Delta is the 25th named storm this season and the ninth  Continue reading »

September 2020

Aerosol-forced multidecadal variations across all ocean basins in models and observations since 1920 Earth’s climate fluctuates considerably on decadal-multidecadal time scales, often causing large damages to our society and environment. These fluctuations usually result from internal dynamics, and many studies  Continue reading »

August 2020

Anthropogenic climate change has driven over 5 million km2 of drylands towards desertification Drylands cover 41% of the earth’s land surface and include 45% of the world’s agricultural land. These regions are among the most vulnerable ecosystems to anthropogenic climate  Continue reading »

July 2020

Fewer than 20 extinctions a year: does the world need a single target for biodiversity? A proposal for one, simple goal, equivalent to the 2 °C climate target, needs to be thoroughly assessed. Next year, all eyes will be on  Continue reading »

June 2020

Human influence has intensified extreme precipitation in North America Extreme precipitation is relevant to many interests, and observations show an increasing trend that is expected to continue under future projections. Although previous work has identified an anthropogenic influence on extreme  Continue reading »

May 2020

Environmental determinants of cardiovascular disease: lessons learned from air pollution Air pollution is well recognized as a major risk factor for chronic non-communicable diseases and has been estimated to contribute more to global morbidity and mortality than all other known  Continue reading »

April 2020

  Rare ozone hole opens over Arctic — and it’s big Cold temperatures and a strong polar vortex allowed chemicals to gnaw away at the protective ozone layer in the north. A vast ozone hole — probably the biggest on  Continue reading »

March 2020

Towards a more effective climate policy on international trade In the literature on the attribution of responsibilities for greenhouse gas emissions, two accounting methods have been widely discussed: production-based accounting (PBA) and consumption-based accounting (CBA). It has been argued that  Continue reading »