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March 2022

Australian researchers claim ‘giant leap’ in technology to produce affordable renewable hydrogen Australian researchers claim to have made a “giant leap” in lifting the efficiency of electrolysers, bringing forward the time when green hydrogen will be competitive with fossil fuels  Continue reading »

February 2022

Climate change hastens disease spread across the globe Late last November, a young man walked into Renee Salas’ emergency room with a circular rash spreading across his leg. Salas, an attending physician at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, treated him  Continue reading »

January 2022

Scientists Create Maps Showing Origin of Methane Emissions Scientists funded by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Carbon Monitoring System have created maps showing where methane emissions come from , produced primarily by the extraction, storage, and transportation of oil, natural  Continue reading »

December 2021

Border taxes on carbon emissions, new brake on dirty energy Returning the 54% preponderance in power generation to the CFE would make it even more difficult to fulfill the commitment to reach 35% clean energy by 2025, even including nuclear  Continue reading »

November 2021

Climate Change Is Acidifying and Contaminating Drinking Water and Alpine Ecosystems Garrett Rue grew up fly fishing in central Colorado, often surrounded by mountains stained amber and maroon, and hiking along streams that seemed to borrow those colors. Sometimes he  Continue reading »

October 2021

G20 leaders to tackle energy prices, other economic woes The global economy is giving leaders of the Group of 20 countries a lot to talk about at their summit this weekend in Rome ROME — Leaders of the Group of  Continue reading »

September 2021

UK’s home gas boilers emit twice as much CO2 as all power stations – study Data highlights urgent need for government action to introduce low-carbon heat pumps, researchers say The millions of gas boilers in the UK’s homes produce twice  Continue reading »

August 2021

Control methane to slow global warming — fast Carbon dioxide reductions are key, but the IPCC’s latest report highlights the benefits of making cuts to other greenhouse gases, too. There’s no substitute for eliminating fossil fuels and halting the release  Continue reading »

July 2021

Biodiversity needs every tool in the box: use OECMs Global support is growing for the 30 × 30 movement — a goal to conserve 30% of the planet by 2030. In May, the G7 group of wealthy nations endorsed the commitment to  Continue reading »

June 2021

Wind turbine giant Siemens Gamesa lays out plan to drive down cost of ‘green’ hydrogen So-called “green” hydrogen production using onshore wind turbines could achieve price parity with fossil-based hydrogen by the year 2030, according to a white paper from Siemens  Continue reading »