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“The Mario Molina Center is a bridge to practical solutions between science and public policy on energy and environment matters to promote sustainable development and vigorous economic growth”

The Mario Molina Center for Strategic Studies on Energy and the Environment is an independent non-profit association, established in 2004 with the objective of giving continuity and consolidating in Mexico the activities that Professor Mario Molina has carried out throughout his life. Its main purpose is to find practical, realistic and in-depth solutions to challenges related to environmental protection, the use of energy and the prevention of climate change in order to promote sustainable development.

The Center strives to generate consensus amongst all segments of society, thus enabling the implementation of both technically and economically feasible measures that contribute to social wellbeing. This implies actions which transcend knowledge-making and involves engaging decision makers to ensure that the Center´s proposals and research turn into real-life solutions.

The Center’s credibility and convening power are supported by the relevance and quality of its research, as well as on its impartial and objective standpoint. Furthermore, the independent and non-partisan nature of the Mario Molina Center provides a neutral forum where any opinion, thought or point of view may be expressed freely.

Furthermore, the Mario Molina Center doesn’t suggest, specify, certify, recommend, endorse or promote, in any way, the use of specific products or trademarks. The activities and research carried out in this Institution are not based on commercial or personal interests of its members.


Our work

  • We link scientific knowledge with environmental and energy policy.
  • We propose solutions to specific needs regarding energy and environmental matters, to help raise the population’s living standards and well-being.
  • We generate consensus among various sectors of society in Mexico.
  • We promote the transformation of public policy proposals into real solutions that meet priority needs of the region.
  • We collaborate with governments, universities, institutions, private companies and national and international organizations.
  • We comprise top level multidisciplinary teams so that our proposals include scientific and technological aspects coupled with economic, social and policy analyses and perspectives.


Our Mission

Finding practical, realistic and in-depth solutions to complex challenges related to the prevention of climate change and geared towards fostering sustainable development, the efficient use of energy and environmental protection by generating consensus among all sectors involved, including civil society, national and foreign authorities, as well as international institutions.


The Vision of the Mario Molina Center is focused on achieving the following actions in the coming years:

– For Mexico to be on a sustainable development track which takes into account feasible measures for solving the key problems on energy and the environment, through generating consensus among all segments of society involved.

– For Mexico to be a role model in measures which contribute to mitigating climate change and to the sustainable development of the planet.

– For Mexico to be on a clear path towards a vigorous low-carbon economic development.

– For the air in Mexican cities to comply with national and international standards.

– For the Center to be perceived as a model for addressing energy-environmental problems in the rest of Latin America and the world.


Specific Objectives

– Have influence on energy and environmental plans and programs of national and local governments, political parties as well as candidates.

– Contribute to the continuity of programs that are on the right track to improving air quality and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

–  Support sustainable development in Mexico to increase the energy efficiency of the country and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

– Advise authorities in general, so the country’s development is achieved in harmony with the environment and with long-term sustainability, all with the intention of fostering a vigorous economic low carbon development both for Mexico as well as for the planet in general.

– For the Center to become a bridge between the developed and the developing nations in the search for clean and sustainable ways of satisfying the world´s growing energy demand.