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April 2019

Learning about climate change uncertainty enables flexible water infrastructure planning Water resources planning requires decision-making about infrastructure development under uncertainty in future regional climate conditions. However, uncertainty in climate change projections will evolve over the 100-year lifetime of a dam  Continue reading »

March 2019

Maximizing Ozone Signals New technique enables more efficient and precise estimates of trends in ozone and other atmospheric constituents within selected geographical regions and timeframes.   US Department of Energy Climate change is the world’s biggest threat, according to a  Continue reading »

February 2019

Why a healthy planet and a healthy economy go hand-in-hand If we do not soon halt and reverse our current trajectory of runaway climate change, environmental degradation and widespread biodiversity loss, the global economy will suffer negative consequences on its  Continue reading »

January 2019

The Oceans are warming faster than scientists thought The world’s oceans are warming at an accelerated rate and are much warmer than scientists thought — and things could get a lot worse if nothing is done to stop climate change, according to  Continue reading »

December 2018

The Depravity of Climate-Change Denial The Trump administration is, it goes without saying, deeply anti-science. In fact, it’s anti-objective reality. But its control of the government remains limited; it didn’t extend far enough to prevent the release of the latest National  Continue reading »

November 2018

Ozone hole modest despite optimum conditions for ozone depletion NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center The ozone hole that forms in the upper atmosphere over Antarctica each September was slightly above average size in 2018, scientists reported today.   Science Daily Composites  Continue reading »

October 2018

Mitigation scenarios must cater to new users Joeri Rogelj et al. Climate change mitigation scenarios are finding a wider set of users, including companies and financial institutions. Increased collaboration between scenario producers and these new communities will be mutually beneficial,  Continue reading »

September 2018

Nearly Every Ecosystem on the Planet Will Be Transformed By Climate Change Editorial If nations fail to rein in their greenhouse gas emissions, nearly every terrestrial ecosystem on the planet — from forests to grasslands to marshland —will undergo “major  Continue reading »

August 2018

A framework to diagnose factors influencing proenvironmental behaviors in water-sensitive urban design Jacki Schirmer and Fiona Dyer Urban stormwater runoff contributes significantly to water-quality problems in freshwater systems worldwide. Water-sensitive urban design (WSUD) typically addresses this through construction of ecologically  Continue reading »

July 2018

Science must help to make city living sustainable It’s time researchers got to grips with the formidable challenge of rapidly growing urbanization. It’s well documented that humans are becoming an urban and not a rural species, and that trend is  Continue reading »

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