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Position Papers

Sustainable Production of Shale Gas and Oil in Mexico

OPINION OF THE MARIO MOLINA CENTER CONCERNING THE SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTION OF SHALE GAS AND OIL IN MEXICO 2014 Technological development involving the combined use of hydraulic fracturing and directional drilling, has allowed extracting natural gas and oil from very low  Continue reading »

Comprehensive solutions for improving air quality in the Valley of Mexico

COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTIONS FOR IMPROVING AIR QUALITY IN THE VALLEY OF MEXICO Mario Molina Center May 2016 Last February, the Mario Molina Center published a position paper entitled “Improving air quality in the Valley of Mexico is urgent and represents an  Continue reading »

Improving air quality in the Valley of Mexico is urgent and represents an enormous challenge for society

IMPROVING AIR QUALITY IN THE VALLEY OF MEXICO IS URGENT AND REPRESENTS AN ENORMOUS CHALLENGE FOR SOCIETY  February 2016    The monumental challenge The mobility and air quality crisis in Mexico City’s Metropolitan Area (ZMVM) requires structural changes and implementation  Continue reading »

The Paris Agreement -COP21

Mexico City, December 17, 2015   The Paris Agreement is a decisive step in addressing climate change; still much remains to be done The Paris Agreement sets a turning point in the history of negotiations on climate change in several  Continue reading »

National Energy Strategy

2013 National Energy Strategy: on path to a low-carbon economy Mario Molina   The 2013-2027 National Energy Strategy (NES), which the Executive Branch recently introduced to Senate, will be an important element in defining Mexico’s long term energy and environmental  Continue reading »

Biofuels in Mexico

BIOFUELS IN MEXICO 2010 Diversifying energy supply and increasing the use of renewable energies is convenient for Mexico due to strategic, economic and environmental reasons. Biofuels may play a prominent role in this effort, but it’s imperative that their use  Continue reading »

Sustainable Transportation

TOWARDS A SUSTAINABLE TRANSPORTATION MODEL FOR MEXICAN CITIES 2012 In Mexico, the vehicle transport sector uses close to a third of all the energy generated from fossil fuels, emits a fifth of greenhouse gas emissions and on average consumes 8%  Continue reading »


October 2017   Historically, very intense hurricanes occurred at most each decade. By contrast, the 2017 hurricane season in the Atlantic has no precedents. Firstly, by the end of August, hurricane Harvey flooded the state of Texas (Fig. 1) with  Continue reading »

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