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February 21, 2017

The Tyler Prize Executive Committee will award the 2017 Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement to pioneering Mexican ecologist Professor José Sarukhán, for his scientific contributions to the field of biological diversity and institutionbuilding.

Prof. Mario Molina and everyone at the Mario Molina Center congratulate our Advisor, José Sarukhán.

He will receive the Prize on May 4th at a ceremony in Washington D.C.

Our Advisor José Sarukhán will receive the Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement

This past 8th of Febuary 2017, Dr. Molina held a conference at Harvard University discussing air quality in megacities such as Mexico City and Beijing. You may have access to the video of the conference by clicking on the following picture:


February 2017


Mario Molina will speak at Harvard University about Air Pollution in Megacities: From Mexico City to Beijing

Why Immigrants Are Vital to Science in the U.S.

The Global Thought Leader Index just published its results for 2016. Out of 223 world leading voices, there are only two Mexicans and Dr. Mario Molina is one of them: number 86. 

Mario Molina is one of the World´s leading voices according to GDI

Persistent sulfate formation from London Fog to Chinese haze -Article in PNAS


No cookie-cutter fixes on air pollution – Harvard Gazette

Molina called for improvements in public transportation as a way to cut pollution from automobiles. Part of the difficulty in encouraging people to leave their cars home has to do with a lack of viable alternatives, he said. It’s important that more research be done on both the science and policy fronts, he said. Answers found in Mexico could help developing cities in China and elsewhere, and vice versa, he said.

It’s Time for the Nobel Committee to Honor Climate Research – Wired

Now is the time to act. In September, the Nobel Committee sent out invitations to thousands of academics and laureates. These qualified nominators have until January 31 to submit Nobel-worthy research in climate science.

22 Nobel Prize winners urge Trump to respect ‘scientific integrity and independence’ – Washington Post

The list of distinguished signatories includes medical scientists, physicists, and many climate researchers. The Nobel Laureates include Harold Varmus, who headed the National Cancer Institute under President Obama; David Baltimore, the former president of Caltech; and Mario Molina, who helped discover the role of chlorofluorocarbons in depleting the ozone layer. James Hansen, the longtime NASA researcher who had previously denounced George W. Bush’s administration for interfering with his ability to communicate publicly the science of climate change, also signed the letter.


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